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Garden Club Calendar 2017
For all events, please RSVP: Club Secretary josephine.linton@gmail.com
4th May 2017 3:00PM  
Programme: Farm Tour, East End
Hosts: Deanna Lookloy & Lucinda Cruickshank 
1st June 2017 3:00PM 
 Programme: Butterfly Gardening 
 Speaker: Anne Stafford          Venue: Jennifer Godfrey’s home 
 Host: Jennifer Godfrey         
Summer Break – July and August 
7th September 2017 3:00PM 
 Programme: Decorating with Potted Plants 
 Speaker: Power Flower        Venue: 31 Orchid Lane 
 Hosts: Power Flower 
 5th October 2017 3:00PM 
 Programme: Tree Trail Tour 
Venue: QE Botanic Park, Frank Sound
 Hosts: Jill Wood 
 5th November 2017 3:00PM 
 AGM  (Members Only)
Venue: Governors Residence  
 7th December 2017 6:30 PM 
 CHRISTMAS DINNER (Pot Luck Supper) 
 Venue: TBA 
 Hosts: Club Members 
All events RSVP: Club Secretary: josephine.linton@gmail.com 

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