Native Plant Sale

Native Plants for Sale

There are some exciting plants for sale that are suitable for sand and good soil gardening for butterfly and salt tolerant gardening at the Native Plants Nursery at the Botanic Park.  

The Cayman Islands Native Tree Nursery was established at the Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park in 2006.

The objective of the nursery is to establish a reliable source of native trees and shrubs for private gardeners and commercial landscapers, to add some local flavor to standard landscaping design, and to improve the ecological value of developed areas.

The Native Tree Nursery was established as a Darwin Partners project, thanks to a generous private donation from Maples and Calder Partners Henry Harford and Graham Lockington, with matched donations from the Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park and the Department of Environment, and the support of the Shade Brigade, CaymanNature, and Royal Botanic Gardens Kew.

For more information on Native Tree please visit this link: DoE Native Tree

Why Plant Native Trees?

Our native trees and plants are perfectly adapted to life in the Cayman Islands.

Native plants and trees:

  • require less water, fertilizer and care than many exotic species
  • are suited to challenging habitats, with salt-tolerant and drought-tolerant specialists
  • are stress-adapted, making them resistant to disease

Native trees make for hardy, inexpensive, low maintenance landscaping.

Trees cool exterior surfaces, reducing AC costs. Many provide excellent shade for gardens and parking spaces.

Native plants and trees will also attract wildlife to your garden.

 The Cayman Collection

The nursery has started growing the “Cayman Collection” – thirty species of native trees and shrubs – specially selected for:

  • Hardy nature and salt tolerance
  • Potential to attract birds and wildlife
  • Conservation and cultural significance
Please click HERE for a link to a list of plants available for sale, as well as prices.

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